Cancellation of swiss500miles:

Here are the reasons why we made that decision:

The situation in Switzerland and Europe remains uncertain regarding Covid-19

Even if there is a relaxation, events in this magnitude will not be appropriate in June-

The travel options for our foreign participants are likely to remain critical in June

Our checkpoints may not be all available

I We cannot confirm an alternative date either, because nobody can make a commitment at the moment.

In addition, we don't want to compete with other 500 miles events in late summer / autumn.

We are sorry, but we are looking forward to see you at the swiss500miles 2021 in June.
For those who have registered and paid already we offer two options:

1. Leave the entry fee with us until 2021. Please send an email to info @ swiss500miles!

2. Get the entry fee back. Please send an email with banking details to info @ swiss500miles

All registrations without payment of the entry fee will be canceled for 2020.

Ride with foresight and stay healthy.

In the name of IG swiss500miles
Peter Schibli


Eine Rundfahrt für Harley und Buell Fahrer durch die Schweiz innerhalb 24 Stunden, über eine Distanz von 500 Meilen.

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