Frequently Asked Questions

What is the challenge all about?

The swiss500miles is a ride in Switzerland over a distance of 500miles (805km) within 24 hours.

After the registration and the prologue, the ride starts at an unknown location on a Saturday afternoon and ends after max. 24 hours on Sunday afternoon.

At the start and at every checkpoint you will get a road book which will guide you to the next checkpoint.

The required road book from one check point to the other you will only receiveonce you found the next checkpoint as described in the road book.

The swiss500miles can be driven solo or in individual arranged groups.

A Swiss roadmap may come handy!

The reward?

Material wise just the swiss500miles 2021 pin.

But an exceptional experience, like riding on unknown roads by day and night, test your stamina, sharing your passion with several hundred riders, and finally endless stories to be told amongst your riding buddy’s.

However, only those participants completing the ride and arriving back in due time will obtain the swiss500miles 2021 pin as a remembrance.

Participants finishing in 2021 the swiss500miles for the 5th time will receive the Special Pin!

Participants finishing in 2021 the swiss500miles for the 5th time will receive the Super Special Pin!

When ?

5th of June / 6th of June 20210 (max. 24 hours)

Inscription on Saturday 5th of June 10.00h until 13.00h

Prologue starts after the registration, latest at 13.00h

Start of the swiss500miles on Saturday 5th of June 15.00h

End of the swiss500miles on Sunday 6th of June at 15.00h 

Where ?

Registration at Harley Heaven (47°24'36.64"N / 8°23'54.64"E)

Ueberlandstrasse 74, 8953 Dietikon


The prologue will lead you to the start.

The place of the start is still a secret.


Harley & Buell riders only

MC or HOG membership required?

No, a MC or HOG membership is not required; all you need is a Harley or Buell.    

Do I have to have a Harley to participate?

Yes, you must have a Harley or a Buell.

Price ?

You pay 60 Swiss Francs only per person for the unique T-shirt, road book, brunch on Sunday and of course your swiss500miles 2021 pin.

Only those participants completing the swiss500miles and arriving back in due time will obtain the 2021 pin.

How do I pay the registration fee?
In favour off:
IG Swiss 500 Miles, Bahnhofstrasse 39, CH-8153 Rümlang
CH24 8147 5000 0060 8556 7
Raiffeisenbank Zürich-Unterland, Marktgasse 2, CH-8180 Bülach

Payments will be accepted only until 1st of May 2021!

Due to the currency fluctuation we have to insist to be paid in Swiss Francs only!

Please note that bank transmission fees have to be paid by the sender.

How can I make a registration?

Click on "Registration", fill in the form, make the payment in Swiss Francs and you are ready to go!

Please make sure you register and pay the participation fee before May 1st 2021.

Registrations after the 1st of May 2021 will not be accepted.

We need a couple of days to prepare the logistics, food, pins, etc.

Is there a hotel for participants arriving on Friday?

For all participants arriving on Friday we have a special swiss500miles arrangement at the SORELL HOTEL ARTE in Spreitenbach AG.

The hotel is situated close to the registration place and near the centre of Zürich.

CHF   240.00 for a single room (from Fr – Mo / 3 nights)

CHF 240.00 for a double room (from Fr – Mo / 3 nights)

The above mentioned prices are only valid from Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

Room rates for one night to be obtained directly with SORELL Hotel Arte.       
Remarks:  Please mention „SWISS500MILES“ when you make your booking in order to benefit from the offer.

Payment:  Please provide a credit card number as a guarantee.

Contact hotel:

Sorell Hotel Arte Spreitenbach AG (47°25'6.02"N / 8°22'24.59"E)

Wigartestrasse 10, 8957 Spreitenbach AG

Tel: CH +41 (0) 56 418 42 42     Fax: CH +41 (0) 56 418 43 43              

Is this a race?

Not at all, there aren’t any rewards for first place.

To make sure nobody makes a race out of the ride, the checkpoints only open at a certain time which is indicated in your road book.

If you are to fast you have to wait at the checkpoint.

How about gas stations in Switzerland?

Die meistens Tankstellen akzeptieren 24 Stunden alle gängigen Kreditkarten sowie EC Karten.

Erhalte ich die Wegbeschreibung als GPS-Track?

Automatic gas stations (24h open) accept mostly major credit cards and EC cards.

Can I use my GPS?

Sure, use it to come to the start.

Nobody will stop you using it, but you will spend a lot of time programming it in order to follow the route as described in your road book.

GPS calculate the shortest way and therefore you will not have enough miles and you won't get your pin.

You will also miss the helping hand if you are in trouble with your bike.

The weather in Switzerland?
Are there any "hidden" or "surprise" checkpoints?

We know and you will find out!

Just for the smartasses amongst the participants; you can bet on it!

Where can I get additional information?

Information regarding the ride, payment and registration can be obtained at:


A round trip for Harley and Buell drivers through Switzerland within 24 hours, over a distance of 500 miles.

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